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It isn’t always easy to share a common understanding of business analysis principles and practices within organizations or with other business professionals. IIBA® can help you.

Announcing the IIBA® Global Business Analysis Core Standard, a companion to A Guide to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge ® (BABOK® Guide), the essential reference for better business outcomes since 2005.

Access the core fundamental practices of business analysis in this easy to read reference. Inside you’ll find valuable information you can leverage to make better decisions and deliver ongoing value at the strategic, tactical and operational level:

  • Business Analysis Key Concepts – provide a foundation for understanding and applying business analysis
  • Business Analysis Knowledge Areas – focus on specific business analysis expertise

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BCS & IIBA Present The Role of the Business Analyst in a DevOps Environment

This discussion paper looks at how DevOps is empowering organizations to break down silos and encouraging close collaboration and transparency through a shared culture of change. What impact is this having on the role of the business analyst and the role you play in this evolving world? We look again at the reasons the BA role was created in the first place and how you can help your work teams navigate this new landscape.

BCS IIBA Whitepaper Zurich Paper v2 1 COVER 72dpi (2)

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